Labyrinth: Add Your Own Music to Tiles

The FOSSASIA Labyrinth allows you to contribute parts to a huge labyrinth. To make the game more interesting, please add music when the user enters a tile.


  • Add the music with the relevant code changes to the tiles.js file.
  • It must automatically play when the users enters, and stop when exiting.
  • Please make sure to use the existing API, so it stops when exiting.
  • It should be music relevant to the theme, try not to add any songs
  • The music must be your own work. Please make sure you have the rights to any music that you add.

Expected Outcome:

  • At least one merged pull request (link)
  • Music is added to individual tile with the use of the API
  • The tile is reachable and part of the labyrinth. (Help mentors review by adding the path to reach the tile.)
  • The music is added according to documentation
    • /audio folder
    • license file
  • Issues resulting from your pull request are resolved: We tend to merge fast and allow others to build on your work. But we need to keep the project clean and working.


  • You can use the following open-source software:
  • For your own recordings, we recommend choosing the license CC-BY or CC-BY-SA if you like others to remix or CC-BY-ND if you do not like people editing your song. Choose a license here: Please do not choose NC as this might disable it for GSoC.
  • You can join our chat on gitter if you get stuck to get help or just hang out and have a nice time with others.

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  • html
  • css
  • js

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