Labyrinth: Add a character

The FOSSASIA Labyrinth allows you to contribute parts to a huge labyrinth. To allow players to choose between different characters, please add a character.


  • Create an SVG or PNG character (55px wide and 60 px high) for the game
  • Add the character to the characters folder (/characters)
  • Modify the gui file to prompt your character to be picked.
  • The character MUST be your own work.

Expected Outcome:

  • a merged pull request
  • a new character is added to the game
  • the character can be chosen to play with


  • If someone wants to work with you, let them do that. You can use techniques like pair programming or collaborate together on branches of your forks. You can attribute a pull-request also to other people who helped you out or submit a pull-request where you and an other person contributed together.
  • You can join our chat on gitter if you get stuck to get help or just hang out and have a nice time with others.

Task tags

  • labyrinth
  • svg
  • js

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