Labyrinth: Cooperate on a Pull Request

The FOSSASIA Labyrinth allows you to contribute parts to a huge labyrinth. To train online cooperation, please cooperate on a pull request with an other student and solve an issue together.


  • There is an issue which you want to solve
  • You find an other person who likes to cooperate with you in the chat.
  • Both you and the other person contribute to the pull request - at least one commit by you and the other person.

Expected Outcome:

  • A merged pull request with at least two commits: one by you, one by another person (GCI or not): Post a link here
  • We see that you and the other person agreed to cooperate: Post a link here of your agreement


  • You can either
    • create a pull request to the branch of an other person and compare across forks
    • or give the other person write access to your repository "Settings" -> "Collaborators and Teams"
  • You can use techniques like pair programming or collaborate together on branches of your forks.
  • You can join our chat on gitter if you get stuck to get help or just hang out and have a nice time with others.

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arcsaber, AppleCat, Saarthak Chaturvedi, Ammar, Supun_TE, Sahil S

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