PSLab: Write what you can do with a Logic Analyzer in the PSLab app

Find out you can do with a Pocket Science Lab Logic Analyzer


  • You need an Android phone for this task
  • Download PSLab App
  • Check out Logic Analyzer instrument from your phone
  • Understand what is a Logic Analyzer by checking out Wikipedia, your school book or any basic electronics course material that is available online.
  • Write an experiment for the PSLab Logic Analyzer. A experiment could be in a simplified form (bullet points are welcomed) covering two parts: 1) What is the goal of the experiment? (i.e. What can I find out or learn from this experiment) 2) The steps and parts used for the experiments
  • Tip: you are welcome to ask for help from you school teachers.

You can use other instruments together with Logic Analyzer in the experiment. It would be great if you add an app review to the app store.


  • Upload your write-up in a Google Docs and share the link here


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