Website: Add and Enhance "Thank you for contributing" with a nice JS effect in another language to the FOSSASIA GCI website


We have put up a basic site on We want to develop a nice website all kinds of features for Google Code-In. Please add "Thank you for contributing" with a nice Javascript effect in a language that is not covered yet to the FOSSASIA GCI website and tweet about it (or use Weibo or any other service).


  1. Please sign up for GitHub, and tell your mentor your username.

  2. Fork the Website repository and make it run on your own repository with Github pages (more info here

  3. Make the improvements and then make a pull request to merge your changes to the original github repository of


A nice looking "Thank you" section on the GCI FOSSASIA site.


Students who completed this task

Saarthak Chaturvedi, ycwei982, Ammar, Akshit Goyal, Mochammad Rafi, Nitesh Kumar, Sahil S, SitaramanS, Nishith, dxa_kly, ariban900, ryan10145, rahul1803, Rasagnath, Rahul Arora, vishalx360, Gaurang, Ezra Lazuardy, AppleCat, mikolajhojda, shreesh, Supun_TE, Andy D, Samyak Jain, Kartik Singhal, arcsaber, Ashwanth Kumar, Jeewal Kunwar

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  • web Design