FOSSASIA (Advanced): Do a mini-project of our "labs" - Create an app, Solve a project request, Add a super feature, Improve design, Add test frameworks


FOSSASIA has a lot of projects. We do not have tasks for each single project in code-in, but there are a lot of new mini-projects listed in our labs tracker.

Please join the FOSSASIA team and do a mini-project of your choice on our labs repository or another FOSSASIA repository on GitHub. Contributions should be substantial.


  • Follow FOSSASIA Best Practices:
    • Fork projects to your own repository
    • Outline your improvements and ideas in an issue first before you start.
    • Add links to resources, screenshots and anything else that might be relevant.
    • Make the code changes in your branch on your repository and initiate a pull request


  • Accepted pull request in any FOSSASIA repository with substantial improvements (Note: A simple typo fix and small one liner change is not sufficient to fulfill this task.).
  • Please provide a link to a working example of the project
  • Make a screenshot of the site tweeted and posted on Facebook or other social media



issue tracker, mini-project, feature development, bug hunt, open tech

Students who completed this task

Nishith, Supun_TE, arcsaber, Sahil S, Nitesh Kumar

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design