SUSI.AI: Collaborate to Create and Improve the Public GCI Skill in SUSI.AI

SUSI.AI has the possibility to create skills in a simple editor window. The feature is still under heavy development but the basics work.

We have created a stub for a GCI skill at The idea is to provide a skill that answers the most common questions about Google Code-In. Please help to develop the skill and provide answers to users. Mae a substantial contribution that improves the skill and share the information about the improvements with your mentors.

Questions? Please join us at the Gitter chat here:


Learn how to create a skill in SUSI.AI and add provide useful answers in a voice user interface (VUI) about GCI.



  • Provide links and information on substantial updates you have done to improve the interaction in the skill


Students who completed this task

Nishith, dxa_kly, ariban900, Saarthak Chaturvedi, shreesh, Akshit Goyal, arcsaber, Supun_TE, Sid, Rasagnath, Phagun arora, Sahil S, Ashwanth Kumar

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design