[GCI 2018 Website] Define Requirements for the About Page

The About Page of the OpenMRS GCI 2018 will be the page used to describe in detail OpenMRS's involvement with GCI and information about the OpenMRS organization in detail. Note that the Home Page gives brief synopsis of the data, but this page goes into more detail for those who'd like to learn more. You must cater to all audiences while focusing on outsiders who haven't heard of GCI. State what information shall go onto this page and ideas for where you'd like each piece of information to be on the page.

Examples of information to include:

  • OpenMRS's GCI history
  • Projects completed by previous participants
  • and much more

Note: This is meant to be in the form of a bulleted list with each bullet representing a piece of information for the page. You are not required to state this information explicitly. What this means is instead of writing out "Write Code. Save Lives" for the OpenMRS Mission you may write as a bullet OpenMRS Mission.

Along with the information to go on the page, you must also define a simple explanation for the user flow and what links will be on the page as well as how the user may/will interact with the page. (Ex: Where may the user go after this page? What links will be available to them? How may they interact with the page?)

For more information and a more detailed analysis of what goes in this planning phase, look up the Software Development Life Cycle on Google or follow this link

Submission Steps:

  • Submit a PDF with the following info

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