[GCI 2018 Website] Design the Communications/Contact Page

THIS TASK MUST BE COMPLETED AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE "Define Requirements for the Communications/Contact Page" TASK.

Design the Communications Page in a UI design tool of your choice (Adobe XD is free, lightweight, and amazing. There are also other free UI design programs/sites you can use) according to the requirements you specified.

The design may be in the form of wireframes or actual UI design. The design may not contain any paragraph text (Ex: the history of OpenMRS) if you choose, but it must contain the layout of where all the information of this specific page will go.

Check the following for some UI tools, you can use:

For more information and a more detailed analysis of what goes in this design phase, look up the Software Development Life Cycle on Google or follow this link

Submission Steps:

  • The design can be sent in any common format of your choice (PNG images are preferred and will do).

Task tags

  • gci-2018-site
  • design

Students who completed this task

Satvik, Nikodem Bernat, Prathamesh Mutkure, lana

Task type

  • web Design