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Upgrade ListenBrainz to Flask 1.0

ListenBrainz uses the Flask framework for its website. ListenBrainz was written before the release of Flask 1.0 and needs some changes to its codebase to work properly with this latest stable release of the framework.

Your task is to update ListenBrainz's codebase to work with and use the latest 1.0 release of Flask. In order to do this, you need to upgrade the BrainzUtils version in requirements.txt to version 1.7.0 and make sure that everything works properly. ListenBrainz has a lot of automated tests you can run using the commands ./ and ./ to make sure that everything is ok.

Submit your changes as a pull request on the GitHub repository and supply a link to this pull request here.

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  • python
  • flask
  • upgrading
  • listenbrainz

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