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Test old Picard issues/bugs to see if they still apply to the latest version

There are a number of open tickets for MusicBrainz Picard on our ticket tracking system which require additional testing to confirm that the issue still exists in the current version of Picard. These tickets are labeled as "test-on-picard-2".

Your task is to:

  1. Select 5 of these issues and review the associated discussions to ensure that you understand the issue.
  2. Perform the necessary testing to confirm or deny that the issue is still valid.
  3. Post a comment on the issue tracking ticket showing the details of the testing procedure that you used and the results of the testing.

To complete the task, leave a comment with links to the tickets for which the testing was performed.

Task tags

  • picard
  • testing
  • no code
  • reporting

Students who completed this task

abhi_ohri, C1e0, Skye

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research
  • done_all Quality Assurance