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Create icons for Picard's new plugin user interface

A new plugins user interface has been implemented in MusicBrainz Picard but has not yet been deployed. The action icons in the new plugin UI are not always easily understood, especially the default "basket case" icon has been reported to not be easily recognizable on Windows.

Currently we use default icons provided by Qt (can be an icon theme icons on Linux). We should probably ship custom icons.

Your task is to identify or create appropriate icons. If you find pre-existing ones, make sure they are available under a suitable license. If you make your own, make sure you make them available to us/MetaBrainz Foundation under a suitable license (e.g., CC0, CC by, or CC by-sa).

Task tags

  • picard
  • user interface
  • no code
  • icons
  • graphics

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C1e0, TheFaR8

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  • web Design