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Design a new AcousticBrainz page for recordings

AcousticBrainz is a project for gathering a bunch of data about the actual sound (acoustics) of the music in MusicBrainz. This means that the recordings submitted to AcousticBrainz include a lot of various data and statistics, which AcousticBrainz currently simply shows in tables; e.g.,

Your task is to make a design for the AcousticBrainz recording page that displays the data in a more inviting way. You do not have to use the same data that is currently being shown – inspect the low-level and high-level data files for recordings to see the full amount of information that can be used (you can ignore the lowlevel key from the low-level data file).

To start with this task

  • Explore AcousticBrainz and take note of all the data you plan to show on the screen.
  • Look for other websites that show similar data for inspiration.
  • Create mockups for your solution and post it on the tickets (in .jpeg or .png) formats. Feel free to use any software you are comfortable with. There are also a lot of free online tools to create mockups as well. If you are not familiar with any software, you can do a clean design with pen-paper and attach scanned copies.

For any doubts, you can also reach out to us on #metabrainz, the IRC channel. We are a helpful lot, just mention you are from GCI and post your question. Wait for a while, someone will answer your query. Good luck!

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  • data visualisation
  • design
  • acousticbrainz

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  • web Design