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Research CHAOSS for potential use with MetaBrainz

CHAOSS is a project (or group of projects) with the aim of measuring various open source community parameters to be able to give an insight into the given community's activity, development, and overall health.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to research CHAOSS and their tools and determine how and to what degree their current tooling could be used for MetaBrainz and our projects.

Some questions that need answering:

  1. Do we need to set up any infrastructure ourselves? (Ie., do we need to run any software on our own, or is there a hosted solution somehow?)
  2. What kind of metrics does it take?
  3. What kind of data sources does it take? Is it possible to add additional data sources?
  4. (optional) Any considerations with regards to the GDPR?

There might be additional questions that will needs answering as well, the above is just some questions to get you started.

Submit the final report as a PDF or ODT file, made available for use to the MetaBrainz Foundation under a CC by or CC by-sa license (be sure to specify which!).

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  • assessment Outreach / Research