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Link a BookBrainz Author to their Work, write a short feedback of the interface

Due to BookBrainz being in beta and still a work in progress, last year students had no way to link Authors and their Works (books).

To complete this task you must find a Work in BookBrainz with no relationship to an Author, find the Author and link them. Do this by clicking "edit" on either entity's page (what's an entity?), find the section named "Relationships" and add a new relationship. A pop-up will open and let you search for the other entity.

Be aware that there are duplicate entities in the database. If you encounter such a case, try to choose the entity with the best data: accuracy and amount of information, and number of relationships.

If you cannot find the Author of a specific Work, you can create them. In the menu bar, select Add -> Author and follow the inputs on the screen, fill in everything you can. Wikipedia and web searches will be useful tools here. There are help tooltips for almost every field, but if you are lost head to the help page

However not finding the Author of a Work that already is in the database is very unlikely, do an extra search! Creating a duplicate Author will not qualify as completing this task.

Finally write some feedback about the relationship interface: What was good, what was bad? Did something not work as expected? What would have helped you in your task?

Submit the links for the Author and the Work, as well as the feedback (a simple text file or just writing directly in the task reply) to complete this task.

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  • data cleanup
  • bookbrainz
  • no code
  • data entry

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CHEB0310, Soumya, sahil314, Swarup Kharul, Samarpita, RishiV, Anirudh K., Anup kharul, meganyyu, Andreea Noja, Junayed, tanub

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