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Fix Picard's AcousticBrainz Tonal-Rhythm plugin

The AcousticBrainz Tonal-Rhythm plugin for MusicBrainz Picard, which accesses the AcousticBrainz API to retrieve bpm and key data, does not deal well with errors and wrong data being sent.

For example when AcousticBrainz was down during a recent migration and was returning HTML instead of the expected JSON data it caused Picard to crash if the AB plugin was enabled.

Update the AcousticBrainz Tonal-Rhythm plugin for better error handling to avoid crashes. Compare it to how the AcousticBrainz Mood-Genre plugin handles errors.

Once completed, submit a pull request with your changes to the GitHub repository, and respond to any suggestions and requests by the Picard developers until the pull request is approved (you do not need to wait until it gets merged).

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