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Implement MusicBrainz relationship type autoselection for Ko-fi URLs

In MusicBrainz, artists can be related to external URLs such as their official homepage, discography, Wikipedia article, and a number of other types of sites.

When relating these URLs, MusicBrainz has an URL cleanup script that both removes superfluous data from copy/pasted URLs, and also helps with auto-selecting the correct relationship for some sites. This script needs to be improved to auto-select the "patronage" relationship type for Ko-fi URLs and to clean it up. Example given in linked ticket should be added as a test.

To complete the task, submit a pull request to our GitHub repository with a proper description mentioning the linked ticket, and respond to any suggestions and requests by the MusicBrainz developers until the pull request is approved (you do not need to wait until it gets merged).

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