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Add a new book to BookBrainz and provide feedback about your experience

For this task, we'd like you to add one book to BookBrainz that isn't already in the database (please search before adding! A duplicate will not be counted.)

The goal of this task is to have the best quality possible, so search and fill in as much information as you can. Don't forget to add as many identifiers as you can find online. Identifiers are important as they help us link with other websites to compare and improve data quality.

To become an editor of BookBrainz, you will first need to sign up: click the "Sign Up / Register" button to make a new BookBrainz account, creating a new MusicBrainz account if you don't have one.

Read the description "How do I add a book?" in the help page F.A.Q. There is also descriptions of the concepts and vocabulary used in BookBrainz. You will need to understand the difference between Work, Edition and Edition Group, so read the help page carefully before you start editing.

If the Author already exists, try to check and complete their information and add identifiers [see help page] (VIAF, ISNI, Wikidata ID, Librarything ID, MusicBrainz ID)

On the GCI site, paste the URLs of the entities you've added, and write a couple of sentences on what could be made better about the instructions, as well as the sign up and editing processes. This will help us improve the BookBrainz website.

Note: Please follow the English Capitalization Guidelines if entering books written in English.

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