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Research an instrument not already in MusicBrainz

In MusicBrainz, Instruments are entities just like Artists, Works, Labels and Places; they can be linked to each other and to external sites (usually Wikidata).

For this task, you should find an instrument that is not already in the database, and then do as much research on this new instrument as possible.

If the instrument already has an INST ticket, please do the Add information to an open INST ticket task instead.

  • Find a Wikidata item. (More about Wikidata items.)
  • Sort out how it relates to other instruments.
  • Find out as much about the Instrument as possible. (The aforementioned Add information to an INST ticket task has some good information suggestions.)
  • Write an appropriate disambiguation and description that is your own work (i.e., not copied from Wikipedia or other sources). The disambiguation should be as short and concise as possible, and the description should try to capture in as few sentences as practical the gist of the instrument.
  • Example of a good INST ticket

For more info on what is and is not appropriate to add as instruments, see our instrument guide.

To complete the task create a complete INST ticket with all the necessary information (you will need a JIRA account for this) and post a link to the newly created ticket here when you're done.

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