The ns-3 Network Simulator Project

Set breakpoints at one place in with a condition using gdb (GNU Debugger)

Set one breakpoint in a C++ program ‘’ using gdb (GNU Debugger). The program can be found in examples/tcp. Copy this program in scratch folder and follow the steps given below to start debugging a program using gdb in ns-3:

  1. Copy from examples/tcp to scratch
  2. Configure and build ns-3.
  3. Execute command: ./waf shell
  4. Execute command: gdb build/scratch/star
  5. Set breakpoints at line numbers 96 with condition i = 3.
  6. Run the program.
  7. Print value of i.

Provide the snapshots at each step for evaluation of the completed task.

You can refer to the video for introduction to gdb. One more video on gdb is here.

Reference to gdb commands.

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