The ns-3 Network Simulator Project

Plot an Impulse graph for TCP Round Trip Time (RTT) using gnuplot

Run example which can be found in examples/tcp folder in ns-3. As a result of the execution, many .data files will be created. Plot the file using gnuplot. Follow the below steps for your task:

  1. Configure ns-3 using command: ./waf configure --enable-examples
  2. Build ns-3 using command: ./waf
  3. Run the example using below command:
         ./waf --run "tcp-variants-comparison --tracing=true"
  4. Check if the file is created in the main ns-3 folder.
  5. Use gnuplot to plot this file. The resultant graph should follow the below:
     Format of the graph: .png
     Name of the image: RTT.png
     Type of Graph: Impulse Graph
     X-axis label: Time (in Seconds)
     Y-axis label: RTT (in Seconds)
     Title of the graph: Round Trip Time Plot
     Position of the key: outside and top right corner

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