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Update Metadata + Screenshots of Activities

Activities are programs that run on the Sugar Platform. These are often updated and new revisions are made. Hence, the metadata has to be updated as well.


  1. Find and identify 3 activities having old metadata that needs to be updated.
  2. Update metadata of those 3 activities in regards to relevant format.
  3. Click 2-3 screenshots each of those 3 activities. Make sure pictures are clear and taken while the activity is running in Sugar. Optional - Compress and convert these images to .png format.
  4. Update the screenshots in the screenshots folder of the activity repository. If screenshots repository is not present, then make one.
  5. Open a pull request, and you are done.


  • For instance, consider Measure Activity hosted on Github.
    • The activity metadata is being present here.
    • Cross reference this with the format of the activity metadata present here to find discrepancies.
    • Update as required; Commit the changes.
    • Next up, if the screenshots of the activity are not present, then make directory screenshots and click new ones. If screenshots are present, check if they have been updated recently. More screenshots are always helpful.
    • Update as required; Commit the changes.

Helpful tips I have worked on automating the same using a Python script, since its a bit tricky to correctly update some fields such as license - You can find it here with the documentation -

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