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Design a mockup of diatonic keyboard for Sugarizer Primero web app.

We want to have a diatonic keyboard(like a piano) mockup designed for Sugarizer Primero Web App.

The keyboard will have just one octave (C-C) with black keys included and 13 notes in total. This keyboard would later be developed and interfaced with tam tam micro acitivity in Primero web app. The top of the screen should be coordinated with the Pentatonic keyboard and the TamTamMicro main screen so that they share the same appearance and control buttons.

To get an idea about the keyboard, refer to the image link below:

For checking out the tam tam micro activity refer to the link, refer to the link below:

For background information check here.

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  • design

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aryanharitsh, FreddieN, Sarthak, Mayank Singh, TheDesigner

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  • web Design