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Music Blocks: Migrate Toolbars to HTML (2/2)

This is Task 2 of a two-part task - to complete this task, you must have completed Task 1 first.

Currently, the toolbars for Music Blocks are implemented in easel.js - for reasons of practicality and extensibility, we would like to have these implemented using HTML rather than easel.js.

Specifically, we would like to implement the top horizontal toolbar, left-hand palette selector and the 'Cartesian'/'Clean'/'Collapse' buttons in HTML - we would also like to have the subtoolbars created by these implemented in HTML.

After having drafted a thorough implementation plan, your task is now to implement it, integrating your code with the existing codebase and bearing in mind the importance of code modularity and reusability - aim to minimize redundant, repeated code. Depending on the scope of your proposed implementation, this task could be split into more than one task - if you feel this would be appropriate, please contact a mentor explaining why.

Task tags

  • extended project
  • music blocks
  • html
  • javascript
  • implementation

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Austin George

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  • code Code