Sugar Labs

Design a sticker for Sugar Labs

This task involves designing a sticker for Sugar Labs.

Make it something you'd be proud to give to all of your friends and family, something you'd put on your laptop or phone case.

Simple is good. There is no bound shape for the shape of the sticker. It can be rectangular, circular, or even irregular shaped. The main thing that matters is that it look really cool and it must specifically relate to Sugar Labs.

Be awesome, be creative, be inspired, be original. A good design should take you at least 3-5 hours of effort.

Make sure you create an original work (although you are welcome to incorporate the Sugar Labs logo.)

Make sure you only incorporate artwork available under an open license and be sure to follow the terms of that license. Do NOT just use images you find on the web. Cite the source of any images you do use. If you have any doubts, just or keep it simple and fully design everything yourself.

Note: failure to cite a source may be plagiarism and grounds for dismissal from GCI.

SUBMIT your artwork in an editable file format (e.g., XCF, SVG, or PSD work well), with transparency or dimension settings so we can print them properly.

SUBMIT a PNG preview too.

Task tags

  • design
  • sticker design
  • hard design

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