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Integrate Codacy to supported projects.

"Codacy is a tool which automates code reviews and monitors code quality over time. Static analysis, code coverage and metrics for Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Scala, Java, Python and many more."

You are required to:

  • Find a project from the organisation's github page which does not already have codacy implemented.
  • Create a issue in the repository stating that you will be working on implementing this.
  • Add and make changes to the codacy configuration file (codacy.yml) basic template for which can be found here
  • After successfully implementing codacy to your fork, add a codacy badge to readme, just below the heading of the repository.
  • Remember: to alter the badge so as to make it work with the original repository.
  • Create a Pull request making your changes.

Submission Requirements:

  • Link to your created issue.
  • Link to your created Pull request.

Task tags

  • codacy
  • clean code

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