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[EtherBeat] Create a transaction to send (free) Ether on testnet.

You have to send (free)1 ETH to this address - 0x88a4dd75299C3628dc75ba58f238bD3Fff29Ede0.

Please make sure that you have selected Rinkeby Test Network

Step 1: On Metamask, get to your account tab and click send.

Step 2: Add the given address in Recipient Address and 1 in Amount. Click next.

Step 3: Click submit and wait for 20 - 25 seconds.

Step 4: Click on the timestamp, you'll be directed to etherscan.

Step 5: If you see Success written in front of TxReceipt Status:, take the screenshot. If you see "pending", wait for 15 seconds, then refresh tab.

Task Deliverables: You have to submit a screenshot of the Transaction Information page on etherscan.

Note: . You have to complete the steps of this task first.

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  • metamask
  • etherbeat
  • ethereum

Students who completed this task

Adarsh Pratap, Kalyan, sh4dowb, Łukasz Myśliwiec, EZ, Palash, Geethmaka Dissanayake

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  • assessment Outreach / Research