Sustainable Computing Research Lab (SCoRe)

[OpenDF] Submit an issue

  1. Follow the instructions given in the project repository README to setup and run OpenDF on your system.
  2. Identify an issue or an improvement that you see over the current system.
  3. Create an issue in the repository issue-tracker.
  4. Submit a link to the newly created issue.

Task Deliverables: Issue link

Task tags

  • setup
  • issue-tracking

Students who completed this task

Ben.mue, Anurag Parida, Hồ Đức Hiếu, Navi, preetijain, Kalyan, Sanyam, RohanCode, kunalbhatia, Łukasz Myśliwiec, Dilshan Ratnayake, jmularski, Gaurav Pandey, Palash, Geethmaka Dissanayake, Yash Garg, Ishaan, Manish Varrier

Task type

  • done_all Quality Assurance