Learn IRC usage

Internet Relay Chat, or IRC for short, is an important tool the Drupal community uses for real-time communication. In fact, you can use IRC to find GCI mentors and ask them for help if you’re facing any issues.

In this task, you’ll make yourself comfortable with the usage of IRC. Follow all these steps to complete the task: Find an IRC client to use (some popular choices are CIRC & freenode IRC). Register a nickname for yourself. Protect your nickname with a password. Join #drupal-google channel. Leave a message for the user “himanshu-dixit” or "gvso" or "Slurpee" using Drupalbot. Experiment also other things, of your choice, that you can do with him.

Deliverables: Upload log of the conversation (.txt) in GCI Website Your IRC nickname, so we can verify that you followed all steps.

Resources: Internet Relay Chat - Wikipedia Setting up IRC | Drupal.org https://www.drupal.org/node/1259614 http://druplicon.info

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