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OpenGL Matrix Tutorial

Make a tutorial video to accompany our Intro to OpenGL task and upload it to our Youtube channel.

Using a combination of slides, screenshare, and/or video as appropriate walk through the process of building and animating a MVP (Model-View-Projection) matrix based on our intro_opengl code.

Describe what the Model, View, and Projection matrices are and how they're typically used in OpenGL. Don't get too deep into how to multiply matrices (rely on Rust's cgmath library for those functions) but include a links to other educational Youtube videos on matrix math.

If you show example code, always show it in pieces (ie one part of a file at a time) and just a bit more advanced than the beginner task's goal so ideally they'll need to follow you through the steps rather than type what you show in the video verbatim. For example, your code might "zoom in" to a shape rather than circle around it as described in the Intro to OpenGL beginner task.

Paste a link to the Youtube video to this task when you're done.

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