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Present a Tutorial (Sat 11/24)

Present a short tutorial on our weekly GCI Hangout On Air along with a screencap video demonstration. You will have 2-3 minutes for your presentation followed by 2-3 minutes for discussion and questions.

The topic of your tutorial is your choice (but should be PySoy-related) and can be as basic or complex as you like; how to use Mercurial, how to setup a build environment, a tour of how the code is laid out, the steps to add a new class, an introduction to OpenGL shaders, etc.

You'll want to rehearse this at least once before the Hangout and trim it to 2-3 minutes at most, mentors are available to help you rehearse and give feedback.

As you cannot claim two tasks at the same time, you cannot complete this task the same week as you do another weekly Hangout On Air task.

Post a link to the resulting Youtube video of the Hangout On Air to finish this task.

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