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Intro to XMPP (Easy)

XMPP is a realtime XML streaming protocol which we use for chat, game networking, and as an essential tool in our development workflow. Many of our tasks this year will involve working with XMPP to improve our web-based chat client, game networking, and our developer helper chatbot, HGBot. This task is intended to help you familiarize with how XMPP works.

Once you've connected to our web-based chat client at open the XML console which shows the XML being sent and received. Send a message to the chatroom to see what that looks like, notice in the XML console what is actually being sent, the use of XML namespaces, and the structure of a chat message.

To complete this task, send a custom XMPP message using the XML console which contains an empty element in the uri:copyleftgames namespace. This extra element should be within but not inside . The element should contain a test message to the chatroom.

If your XML is malformed you may receive an error message from the chat server and it may disconnect you, however the client should automatically reconnect (or hit refresh).

Ensure a mentor is present to witness the message.

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