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[Crowd Alert-Mobile] Input validation

The Crowd alert app contatins lots of text fields like input fields for Name/Email/Password, Incident title, Incident description, User phone no., etc. Try to perform validation on the fields. Validation can vary according to the input type For Name - Make sure that it contains atleast 3 alphabets and there are no special characters For Ph-no - Make sure that it contains atleast 10 digits and all the charcters are numeric. For incident details - Make sure that it does not exceed 1000 characters. For password - Make sure that it contains atleast 8 characters.

Steps to perform this task:

1) Fork the repository

2) Make changes to these files. (Add incident File) (Edit incident File). (Edit Profile File). (Signup File).

Just look for the text fields in the file and apply the input validation function.

3) Push in your forked repository to gitlab.

4) Open a merge request.

You can refer to these docs on how to use git:

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