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[ CarbonFootPrint-Mobile ] Setting up CarbonFootPrint-Mobile project

Setup carbonFootprint-mobile project in your local system . Setting up project will take some time . you have to learn the react native command line . try setting up an empty project before directly setting up this project

Resources that will help you get started to setup react-native project (ignore if you already know how to setup an empty project) : - select build project with native code instead of quick guide

Problems and expected solutions :

Follow and and you will be done . ask mentors if you are stuck in any step

Expected outcome : Now that you have Learned how to setup complex react-native projects in your local system . now update the current screenshots in readme file and add user profile screen .

NOTE : if you already registered from our testers APK please inform us . we need a screenshot of project setup from your side on your own firebase data

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Saad Pasta, Ravi Teja, umar2731, Simran Singh

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