Propose a design for fun "Newcomer" and "Mentor" stickers for events

We would like to design small sized stickers that help us identify in person event attendees (like Wikimedia Hackathons) as either newcomers or mentors/people who the newcomers can approach for help.

In the past we have used:

We are looking for a new fun idea. These will be two separate but related designs. These designs need to be simple enough that they can be printed into small stickers and stuck on conference name badges. Feel free to use the words "Mentors" and "Newcomers".

If we end up with a design we like, these stickers will be printed and distributed at our technical events.

The file format should preferably be SVG, so if you have already worked with some Vector Graphics software (like Inkscape) that is an advantage. After you have created an account (if you don't have a Wikimedia account yet), you will need to upload your proposal to Wikimedia Commons. Your design needs to be under a free license. See Choosing a License for more information.

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Rahul Raj-2, Ashley Zhang, Miranda Pechie, takidelfin, Uzair Hannure, Gabe Mitnick

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  • assessment Outreach / Research