Propose a logo for the PAWS project

PAWS is a web platform that allow bot developers to run code and bots online. Currently PAWS has a default logo, and we are looking for ideas and proposals. It should be something cool, simple and colored. Perhaps having an idea of the technical, bots, engineering can be in it. Also see Create an XTools logo for a similar task in the past. The logo in question could remain familiar with that of xtools, but do not hesitate to propose other ideas. It can be just a colored text "PAWS", or a text with a drawing. Don't limit yourself to a single proposal if you have several ideas.

No technical skills are required, but of course, you need to know how to draw with a computer program (like Inkscape or another SVG/vector graphics software).

In a second step, render page with each of the proposed files as the top left logo. Feel free to adapt the current login page according to your desires, using a local html page and then create a snapshot of the entire resulted page. This second file will be used to see how will be rendered your logo, and if necessary how other elements of the login page can be improved.

Please submit your proposal as a SVG file by attaching it in (see the Phabricator help how to create an account and upload files).

NOTE: temporary PAWS platform is down. However you can see the main page on this url:

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