Add tabindex to MediaWiki's Special:Upload page

This task is about the MediaWiki core code repository.

"I usually use the "tab" key on the keyboard to navigate the form on MediaWiki's Special:Upload page. One issue I have is that now, when I want to get from the "permission" field to the categories, I have to "tab" my way through the entire special chars menu (or of course, use the dreaded "cursor"). It would be neat if the "tab" could skip the special chars on its way down towards the "upload" button."

This can be easily done by setting "tabindex" property of the upload field.

We could set tabindex=0 on .mw-editTools and -1 on everything else inside. That way the //Insert// form will take up only one tab, and we can manage the rest with Javascript, ie, hit enter on .mw-editTools and then tab through that form.

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