Create a user script to show a "Create new item" link in the property value of the drop-down menu on

For this task you need to know JavaScript, how to use the developer tools of your web browser, and some very basics about Wikidata.

User scripts on MediaWiki pages are "personal" programs written in JavaScript. When a user script is popular, it is also called a "gadget" in Wikimedia communities.

You need to be logged in on with your account. Then you can create your user script in

That script should insert a "create new item" link into the dropdown menu for when you want to add an item to a property, but the item does not exist. The link should go to

This project should start as an on-wiki Gadget.

Please see for more information and also for your potential follow-up questions/discussion, as more people will see your comments in public Phabricator (Help) than on the non-public GCI site.

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  • front-end
  • javascript
  • wikidata

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