Add phan (for static analysis) to 2 MediaWiki extensions: Cite, CiteThisPage

Phan is a PHP static analysis tool that can identify problems with code without actually executing it. We use it in MediaWiki core and a few other extensions, and I'd like to add it to more.

Example patch to extension: Example patch to CI (Continuous Integration) config:

A more in-depth tutorial can be found at

Your task is to add Phan support to the two MediaWiki extensions mentioned in the task title. You will have to provide these two seperate patchsets in Wikimedia Gerrit. explains how to set up Git and Gerrit (you only have to do this once) and how to check out ("git clone") the code repositories.

If you have general questions, please ask them in where also other Wikimedia community members (who are not registered on the GCI website) can see them and help you.

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