Create a documentation wiki page about MediaWiki's Thanks extension

There are plenty of pages about the Thanks function (Extension:Thanks). Those pages are not necessary up-to-date and the existing documentation on is, for the moment, a bit short.

In this task, you create a dedicated sub-page under to:

  • introduce the Thanks feature
  • explain how it works
  • detail cases where it will not work
  • add any relevant information about it.

The page have to be concise, easy to understand and easy to translate. Make sure that you create the page and edit it under your Wikimedia wiki account - create an account if you do not have one yet. See Help:Editing for how to edit a wiki page. If you have worked on documentation before, that is clearly a plus. You should also have good English for this task.

Task tags

  • mediawiki
  • translations
  • thanks
  • user-documentation

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