We work on computer graphics, geometry, visualization computer-aided design (CAD), and 3D modeling!

BRL-CAD is a feature-filled computer graphics modeling system that is notoriously complex and challenging to learn. Help us make it easier so people can quickly use it for things like 3D printing or rendering cool pictures!

Our team is excited to help you get started no matter what experience you have. There are hundreds of things you can work on, from web development to programming to 3D modeling and design tasks. If you're new to Open Source, computer graphics, or 3D modeling, we will guide you through your first steps. If you're not new, you will be helping us revolutionize an industry!

A third of our tasks are C/C++, a third are Javascript/HTML/CSS, and a third require no coding experience whatsoever.

Primary Open Source License: MIT license (MIT)

Programming Languages:

  • c
  • c++
  • javascript
  • three.js
  • html/css


  • computer graphics
  • geometry kernel
  • raytrace visualization and rendering
  • 3d modeling and 3d printing
  • cad web infrastructure