Block Families. Step 1: Make an old school block family

BlockFamilies was built as a way to organize blocks of a certain type together. For instance, a fence block can be connected to nothing or up to four cardinal directions and every other combination in between. There is currently a pull request waiting in Terasology that heavily modifies how Block Families works. This task serves to test the water for these changes. There are tasks that follow this one that serves to explore block families. The next task is to make a new school block family.

The goal of this task is to create a block family using the old system. This serves mainly to understand how block families used to work within the context of Terasology.

Definition of 'Done'

  • Screenshot(s) showing off the unique block (showing several variants)
  • Pull request to an existing module that could use this new block family (if unsure use the Sample module repo)

Note that the PR will not be merged, just reviewed. If you continue to the next task in the chain you'll remake the family using the new system, which will be merged if useful :-)

Where to start

  • Some information about how to create a block family is available here
  • Some ideas for new families: a bookcase block that changes based on the amount of books it contains, a roman column you can extend up (keeping the bottom and top blocks looking right), sideways/vertical fences

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