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Sugar Live Build documentation

Independently reproduce Sugar Live Build and improve documentation.

When we released Sugar 0.112 a Debian Live Build was made for demonstrating, using, and developing for Sugar. Sugar Live Build is a complete bootable image containing Sugar and demonstration activities.

We need;

  1. a in the sugar-live-build repository to explain briefly (a) that repository contains configuration files for Debian Live Build, and (b) how to reproduce the build,

  2. community edited Wiki pages for Sugar Live Build (page name Live_Build), with inline or subpage answers to frequently asked questions such as how to install, how to test, and how to reproduce,

  3. community agreement and implementation of a transition to using for hosting live builds instead of,

  4. documentation in a Wiki subpage of how to add additional Sugar activities and reproduce a build for a classroom,

  5. community agreement to remove some quite old images on, which are out of date, unmaintained, consume disk space, and have software security vulnerabilities.


a. subscription to sugar-devel@ and systems@ mailing lists,

b. a Debian system, a schroot on an Ubuntu system, or a Debian virtual machine,

c. internet access to download or upload ISO files of about 1GB each,

d. a Sugar Labs shell account

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