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Use SQL to build pretty graphs from BookBrainz data

BookBrainz is a project to gather information about all of the books (and other written works) in the world. To make this happen, we're creating an online database which anyone can add to at

We save backups of the BookBrainz database in this folder. Each backup contains a copy of the database, including all of the information added to BookBrainz by our editors. We'd like you to create some good-looking graphs of this data, showing useful and interesting statistics to show people how BookBrainz is being used.

Here are some things you might want to show - all of these should be possible to get from the database:

  • Line chart showing number of registered editors over time
  • Line chart showing number of active editors over time
  • Color-coded map showing country for each editor
  • Line chart showing number of entities over time
  • Line chart showing number of revisions over time
  • Pie chart showing how many editors there are for each gender
  • Histogram or line chart showing how old our editors are
  • Histogram or line chart showing when each edition was published

Please feel free to pick other data to showcase though - bonus points for extra creativity!

You're likely to find the schema definition useful while doing this task.

Task tags

  • graph
  • statistics
  • sql
  • visualization

Students who completed this task

Eshan Singh, Isaac-Neil Zanoria

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