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Display streamlined documentation of work type in MusicBrainz work editing form

Work type descriptions are stored in the database, and visible/editable to admins only.

The objective is to display the existing work type descriptions in a bubble on the right side of the 'Type' field in the MusicBrainz work editing form.


  • A working development environment, including a MusicBrainz server in standalone mode. (See the documentation for information on how to do this.) Installation should be fairly straightforward to complete, but it could be quite long depending on your computer performance. Note that running the server code is only supported on Linux systems and that you need at least ~20 GB of space to install it.

Steps include:

  1. Create a personal account in the issue tracker and assign yourself the linked ticket
  2. Create a branch to modify the code (JavaScript/React, Perl/Template Toolkit) with style
  3. Test your changes on your local MusicBrainz server and show us a screenshot
  4. Create a pull request to submit your changes
  5. Wait for review and make additional changes if required until approval

If you have questions, at any step, feel free to ping us on #metabrainz (IRC channel).

Task tags

  • musicbrainz
  • react
  • javascript
  • template toolkit
  • perl

Students who completed this task

Eshan Singh

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  • code Code
  • web Design