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Add a viewport meta-tag to the BookBrainz site

BookBrainz is a project to gather information about all of the books (and other written works) in the world. To make this happen, we're creating an online database which anyone can add to at

Responsiveness is essential to the user experience of any website. Add a HTML tag to the markup of BookBrainz that sets the initial mobile viewport size of the webpage to the device width.

Documentation on the tag can be found here.

To submit your work, clone your fork of the bookbrainz-site repository and create a new branch named "viewport-meta-YOUR_GCI_USERNAME". Commit your changes, using small commits which make clear, self-contained changes, and using the conventions here. Finally, push your work to GitHub and create a new Pull Request.

Let us know in IRC if you have any other recommendations on how to make the site more responsive!

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  • responsiveness

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Kyle Hu

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