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Design a template image for BookBrainz's achievement badge graphics

BookBrainz is a project to gather information about all of the books (and other written works) in the world. To make this happen, we're creating an online database which anyone can add to at

In the site, it's possible to get achievements for doing certain things or reaching certain goals. The idea is to reward users and encourage participation in the project. However, the artwork we're using for our achievement badges at the moment is "programmer art" - it doesn't really look like the rest of the site, and was only ever meant to be temporary.

We'd like you to create a new design for these achievement badges. You only need to make one image - we can then use that as a template to create other badges. We like the hexagonal shape the badges have at the moment, so please stick to this concept unless you have an amazing alternative idea!

The designs for the badges we're using for now can be found on the MetaBrainz blog, with the original image files in the BookBrainz GitHub repository.

Please be prepared to make new versions of your design - you should spend maybe 30 minutes coming up with the first draft, and hour making it look good in your favorite image editor. You're encouraged to post your work to the GCI site as you go along, so that mentors can give feedback, and we also suggest you leave an hour an a half of time at the end to change it and make it better.

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hasia, Chen Chen, Hartama, Ashish Kamathi-1, sneha.r, Ashley Zhang, Abdurrahman Yahya Ahmad

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