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Run a local BookBrainz server using Docker

This task is meant for people who aren't confident running commands in a terminal but are interested in trying out some of the documentation and research tasks for BookBrainz. If you have some command-line experience, you might want to look at the slightly harder beginner task, "Run a local BookBrainz server".

First, follow the instructions at and to install Docker and Docker Compose on your system. Once this is done, open the command-line interface for your system and enter "docker run hello-world" (you may need to add "sudo" on to the start of the command on Mac/Linux systems). You should see the some text output from the basic introductory Docker application.

Once this is working, visit the BookBrainz Docker GitHub repository. Download and unzip the .zip file to a folder, then open a new terminal in this folder (Google how to do this, or ask in IRC). Finally, run the following 3 commands to get the BookBrainz site started:

docker-compose up -d postgresql
docker-compose run --rm site-dev /
docker-compose up site-dev

When you're done, the site will take between 30 and 60 seconds to start. Try heading to http://localhost:9099 in your favorite web browser - when the site has loaded, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and create a screenshot of the whole browser window. Post this as an attachment on the task page, then tell us what you thought about using Docker on the task page.

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Annebelle Olminkhof, Eshan Singh, Nicholas Woo, Alicia

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