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PowerUp Android: Include scenario name on scenario over activity


  • Create a Github Account.
  • Fork and build PowerUp Android.


  • Look at the documented case here
  • Include a TextView to display the name of the scenario that has been completed.
  • The name should properly update after completion of Home, School and Hospital scenes.
  • Inclusion should blend well with current theme of the app.
  • Try to use current resources as far as possible.
  • Do not use any hard coded strings, dimensions, colors, etc.


Work Submission:

Submit screenshots from atleast 4 devices of different widths specifying the widths. Create a PR with label "Program:GCI" and include the link here.

Task tags

  • xml
  • android
  • powerup
  • java

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Sameer, Vatsal Kulshreshtha, Valentun, Isabel Sieh, Aryaman Agrawal

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