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Create Winter Clothing for the avatar


Install Adobe Photoshop or FireAlpaca.


  • Take a look at the existing Powerup avatar to get a feel for the style.
  • Design 2 new winter clothing for the avatar--you can do this on paper or sketch it digitally in black and white.
  • For example, you can design sweatshirts, overcoats, jackets etc.
  • Sketch the designs on paper
  • Create digitally colored images in Adobe Photoshop or FireAlpaca or Inkscape or any other graphics software you're comfortable with to create rastor or vector colored digital image.
  • Save the colored image as .psd or .png


Work Submission:

Upload the following in the comments section

  1. The original paper sketches or digital sketches.
  2. Link to all research done on design.
  3. Layered Image files like .psd or .svg that include every layer: original sketch, coloring, shading, etc. We want to the same sketch in different levels of its progression like this gif.

Task tags

  • user interface
  • powerup
  • design

Students who completed this task

Fidella, Rosemarie van de Ven, Hritik Singh, Vatsal Kulshreshtha, Abhay Sastha S

Task type

  • web Design